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Real Time Dashboards for Smart Manufacturing and IT Services

Myinfomonitor allows you to create actionable dashboards with real time data. 

If you work in Manufacturing or IT Services - this solution is going to be  your life saver!

Take Full Charge of Your Production Line With Myinfomonitor Dashboards 

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and learn how you can drastically improve live reporting at your production line

We Have Improved Operations For

Production Plants



Mining & Smelter Companies

Our Typical Users Work As

Production Managers

Plant Managers

Shop Floor Managers

IT Directors

Supply Chain Managers

Myinfomonitor Can Be Used To

Our easy-to-understand visual dashboards give your personnel the information they need to stay informed, remove the guesswork from planning, and stay agile.

Create dashboards quickly and easily.

Optimize the production line and spot potential issues.

Integrate with the most MES, EMI, ERP, IIoT DW systems.

Show real time data on the production line.

Improve scheduling accuracy by seeing what to do next.

Predict problems by setting up custom triggers.

Show values as visual warnings.

Create proactive systems which reduce maintenance work.

Manage overall performance and drill down to operational KPI's.

Provide real-time communication in shop floors to facilitate efficient collaboration.

You can also requested a free demo call! 

Our experts will guide you through the Myinfomonitor platform and will show you how it can be used to improve daily operations at your plant. 

You will be provided with case studies and real-life examples of Myinfomonitor implementation. 

Most importantly, you will learn how you can improve your production line by using real time dashboards.

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30 Days Free - No Credit Card Required

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30 Days Free - No Credit Card Required